Two steps to share your project


the description:


  • Your Name or pseudo
  • Your Email
  • Your Website or soundcloud
  • BPM & Style & send a picture to illustrate your sound
  • Ableton version & if you use max for live
  • Notes about your project

the File:

Save your track (!!! don’t forget to “Collect all and Save” !!!) put the track in a file with your name on it and zip it (check that the size does not exceed 25mo). All you have to do is send the description and the zip to Abletonshare’s facebook page (private message).




To make it easier to listen to a track before downloading, you must have a Soundcloud account

in order to share it. (create an account here) If you already have an account send your track to the Ableton soundcloud group. It is important not to delete your track from Soundcloud. (The site enables you to listen to prerecorded tracks).


facebook abletonshare


facebook abletonshare

important points:

  • For reasons of compatibility avoid using to many vst and external plug in
  • If you use vst, do not forget to indicate what you have used and to convert to Wav (keep the midiformat for those who have the necessary vst)
  • Everything you wish to share will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

If you send your project, you accept the terms & conditions