Free Ableton Live Pack: Double P Keys


Ah what a relief, You’re in luck. I’ve created a pretty cool, layered Ableton Pack for you to have. It’s the Double P Keys. This instrument rack contains five chains of synthesizers stacked on top of each other. 3 of the sounds are designed to add ambience and texture to the sound, while 2 of them produce the musical, harmonic material that allow you to play notes and write melodies. You can mix in the level of “Double P Noise” and each synth. The instrument also has control over the filters of each of the two musical synths. The first musical synth can be morphed from a pluck type sound to a more rounded pad sound. The second synth makes use of the filter envelop to give movement and character to the sound. All 5 layers of this sound are created from the same sample, just different sections of it. I won’t say exactly what it is, but I’m sure if you give it a listen, it will be a familiar sound. This is all about having some fun with sound, so if it is offensive, maybe you are being a little uptight



DOWNLOAD Free Live Pack: Double P Keys